Fashion Hat Shading Pretty

Ok, i cannot get enough of this Ebay seller's descriptions. Not to mention the insanely erratic variety of items for sale. Bed rest has perks! Let's start with the hat:
"You would try to choose an unusual fashion hat shading pretty? Occasionally refreshing the image will allow you to try something different! Here we are all confident that this summer will become more beautiful! With the lots of cute fashion hats you will be appreciated as one of the the splendid view adding to the city. Of course the nice hat obviously not only used for sun shading hat but also considered as a nice personal decoration. Come on to enjoy the hot summer!"
"Favorite with the tattoo design but for many reasons-can't take the pain your mother wouldn't like it your boss wouldn't like it you're not ready for the commitment... you can’t have. Thanks to these realistic looking tattoo sleeves you can wow your friends shock your colleagues - and more importantly remove them anytime without having suffered the pain or the cost!

This tattoo sleeves made from a stretchy nylon/spandex mix the sleeves come in a pack of 4 and look so realistic you'll have complete strangers offering to buy you a drink as they marvel at your bravery"

"Featuring a nicely crafted empaistic eagle design this tattoo machine will give you a good talking point to help take nervous customer's minds off their inking!
There are also neat little deaths heads on the contact screw and front binding post and 2 classic black 10 wrap coils.
Well balanced this machine is ideal for both lining and shading and is an essential addition to any self-respecting studio."

  "Whether you was ever embarrassed for had wrong taking someone else's luggage away or unfortunately your luggage was wrong recognized by strangers? In the final analysis all happens to your luggage was not clear marked with something attachment that easy to recognize. Don't be discouraged here we have kinds of cute luggage tags coming for your solution and you can find a favorite one which featuring with certain warning slogan. Very practical and also a pretty decoration."

...and so much more where that came from. a real ray of sunshine in my day.


  1. oooohhh, goood one!!I love Engrish.HEre's more quality material:

  2. HAAAA!!! those are AWESOME. 'Violate a stranger'--love it.

  3. You must have entered the page of someone from my world...hirrarious!!!!