Delaware Signage

A beautiful week spent at my Aunt Betsy's beach house in Lewes, Delaware. It was really so lovely. But Lewes, and the neighboring beach town of Rehoboth, although also quite nice, contain some interesting signage. (Or, perhaps--and more likely--my sister and i are twelve years old...) Here are some prime examples:

coventiently located adjacent to the:

not to mention


and last, but certainly not least, the signature of Lewes, The Sea MILF:
 "Now there's an ocean-going vessel I'd like to fuck", said my sister's boyfriend Mark. Well put.

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  1. priceless. along the same lines( tho yours are better): http://blog.thisisbase.com/2010/09/01/resort-graphics-from-the-outer-banks-north-carolina/#more-4938