It's harvest time 'round here.  Thought i'd post some pics of the bounty of our small but vigorous yard:
Beau with chard
Some tomatoes being overtaken by the amazing 55 ft pumpkin vine--this is just a portion of it

the pumpkins (Lumina)
some lemon cucumbers, very prolific
today's Sunsugar tomato harvest--every day we get about this many from just one plant!

roasted all these guys up--just garlic w/ the Sunsugars, and onion and mystery pepper with the mystery heirlooms @ right. then i just store them in olive oil and toss them with pasta or on pizza whenever--delightful.

Last but not least, i had to add this pic of the gender-specific purple carrots my friend Simriti grew! Girl on the left, boy on the right...


  1. Looks deee-lish. I'm jealous. Since we've moved into our house I've been talkin' bout getting a garden going. It has yet to happen. Maybe next year? (You can drive down from New Hope and help me!)

  2. i will be there girl! if i can garden in utter drought, i can garden in your lushness!